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Get help with your recording project

from Doug Lipman

Make your tape the best it can be!

The help you need
Project planning
In-studio coaching
Production and marketing assistance
Many successes
Doug has coached and recorded prize-winning tapes.
Reasonable rates
Free First Consultation!
Special flat rate for recording projects
Phone coaching on taped stories

"The first thing I do when I make a tape is to call Doug Lipman.
I can't imagine going into the studio without him."
-Jay O'Callahan

Make your tape the best it can be

The help you need

Doug Lipman will help you with:

Project planning

  • Making sure your recording project reflects you and your goals.
  • Staying in charge of the many production decisions.

In-studio coaching

  • Someone you can trust to say, "That's what you wanted!"
  • Someone who can coach you to make it better when it's not your best.

Production and marketing assistance

  • Choosing your studio, equipment, and recording team.
  • J-card (cassette insert) design and production.
  • Duplication strategies and facilities.
  • Developing and implementing a marketing strategy.

Make your tape the best it can be

Many successes!

Doug has already helped many professional storytellers and musicians.

  • He has brought people to Boston to record with the team of engineers and digital editors he has assembled.
  • He has also travelled to other parts of the U.S. to help people record close to home.

Doug produced two first-time tapes in 1995. Both tapes won awards from Storytelling World magazine!

"The first time I recorded my tape, I did not use Doug. The results were disappointing. Hiring Doug for my second try was well worth it--because it gave me the tape I wanted!"
-Anne Jennison

Doug's own audio recordings--ten of them--have received many excellent reviews and a Parents Choice Gold Award.

You may want to read Doug's articles about recording and marketing:

Am I ready to make a tape?
There is much to consider besides the state of your storytelling.
Producing an Audiocassette (outline)
Handout for workshop given at 1995 National Storytelling Conference in Atlanta, GA.
Finding Your True Market (outline)
Handouts for multi-day workshops given in various locations.
Includes the broad principles of Doug's thinking about marketing, and a list of questions you can fill out as a step toward articulating what you have to offer your audience.

Make your tape the best it can be

Reasonable Rates

Call or email for Doug's rates for consultations.

  • Hourly rate
  • Special rate: pay in advance for 10 hours, receive 12 hours!

Doug provides a "project rate" for coaching and producing a tape, which includes:

  • consultation about the tape, its purposes, etc.
  • coaching--in person or on the phone--on up to two "demo tape" versions (see below for phone coaching)
  • up to two days coaching in the studio with you, recording and/or editing
  • up to two hours of additional consultation about the remaining steps of production, manufacture, and marketing.

Phone coaching
Doug will coach you on a taped version of your story via a phone call. Just:

  1. put your story on tape
  2. mail the tape to Doug
  3. make an appointment for a phone date with Doug
  4. Doug will coach you on the phone.

For a free 30-minute phone consultation on your project, call or email.



Doug Lipman

152 Wenonah Road, Longmeadow, MA 01106 U.S.A.
Phone: (781) 837-1940
Alternate Phone (rings the same line): (413) 754-6728
Fax (toll-free): (888) 300-6665

This page was last updated on Friday, November 28, 2003
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