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Folktale Research Service

from Doug Lipman

Find the stories you have been seeking!

What is this service?
Find versions of a given folktale, or folktales with particular content
What you will get
Photocopies of actual stories, and citations for more
Doug Lipman as a tale researcher
Make use of Doug's library and expertise.
What to do next
Free phone consultation and estimate!

Find the stories you have been seeking!

What is this service?

Without leaving home or dealing with arcane reference works, you can gain the benefits of a research scholar's library and expertise.

Doug has written a description of the process of using type and motif indexes to perform folktale research.

Subject Searching:
Are you looking for traditional tales on a particular subject?
Do you want folk stories with special kinds of characters or involving particular situations?
Finding Variants:
Do you want to consult other versions of a story you have found?
Are you seeking related stories from several cultures?

Find the stories you have been seeking!

What You Will Get

Depending on your requests, you will receive:

  • photocopies of actual stories
  • motif and type numbers for the stories you seek
  • photocopies of the pages from motif & type indexes that are relevant to your project
  • bibliographic citations for additional sources (to seek via inter-library loan)

Find the stories you have been seeking!

Doug Lipman as Folktale Researcher

Doug Lipman has a personal library of over 6,000 volumes of folklore, including dozens of scholarly indexes for cross-cultural comparisons. Doug's library is the largest collection in the country set up explicitly for folktale research on behalf of storytellers.

With his years of experience researching folktales for himself and others, Doug undertakes this "library detective" work quickly and efficiently.

Doug Lipman is a nationally known performer and storytelling coach. The author of three books, he has recorded ten cassettes of stories and songs--including many rare and collated versions of traditional stories.

Doug also offers a workshop in doing your own folktale research.

Find the stories you have been seeking!

What to do next?

Call for your free consultation and job estimate.

Doug will:

  1. help you clarify your needs
  2. give you a sense of what his library holds of what you seek
  3. help you decide how much searching it will make sense to do
  4. tell you how long it will take him to do it.

If you decide to proceed, you will pay Doug for the number of hours you have agreed on, and a small fee for photocopies.

That's all it takes to get the materials you need!

For a free phone consultation and estimate, call or write:



Doug Lipman

152 Wenonah Road, Longmeadow, MA 01106 U.S.A.
Phone: (781) 837-1940
Alternate Phone (rings the same line): (413) 754-6728
Fax (toll-free): (888) 300-6665

This page was last updated on Friday, November 28, 2003
Copyright©2003 Doug Lipman