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How to Record Using a Sharp SR60 Minidisc Recorder

It is easy to record with the Sharp minidisc recorder. After you follow these instructions a few times, you probably won't need to refer to them again.

These instructions tell you how to:

1. Insert a disc into your recorder
2. Plug your mic cable into your recorder.
3. Prepare for recording.
4. Begin recording.
5. End your recording.
6. Listen to your recording.
7. Turn your recorder off.

Step 1: Put a minidisc in your SR60s minidisc recorder

On the bottom front of your recorder, find the release button.

Slide the release button to the right. This opens the recorder.

Insert the disc as shown. When the disc is fully inserted, press the top of the recorder down, to close and latch it.

When you close the disc, the recorder will turn on. You'll see "Hello!" in the LCD display (1)
Then you'll see "TOC read" (reading the table of contents of the disc).
Finally, you'll see "Blank MD" if the disc is blank, or else "No Name" (if you have recorded on the disc without naming it. It's not necessary to name your discs electronically, and I never do. I just write the contents on the paper label on the disc).

Step 2: Connect a microphone

Find the "Mic In" jack on the left side of the recorder

The "Mic In" jack is ringed with a narrow band of red.

Insert the cable from your mic, into the Mic In jack.

Note: if you are using an ATR-35s lavalier mic as your microphone (or other condenser mic with an internal battery) you need to turn on the switch on the mic, too. Slide the switch to "on".

Step 3: Prepare for recording

Press the small, round "Record" button.
If the recorder is currently off (blank screen), it will turn on.

In a few seconds, you'll see the small "Rec" square (1) highlighted. The number for the track about to be recorded (e.g., "01") will begin to flash (2).
You are now in "pre-record" mode, and can set the mode and the record-volume level.

Skip this step if you see the word "Mono" in the display (1)! If not, press the "Mode" button (2) and the word "Mono" will appear.

Speak into the microphone. You'll see the record level indicator begin to move to the right.

Press the "Rec Level" buttons to adjust the recording volume level.
The "<<" button (1) reduces the level; the ">>" button (2) increases it.
You want the loudest sound you'll make to send the record level indicator all the way (or nearly so) to the right.
(If the record level is too low, you'll get too much hiss. If it is too high, you'll get distortion. When you are just learning to use your recorder, experiment with some trial recordings for the best sound.)

Step 4: Begin Recording

When you are ready to record, press the "Play" button (1) once.

You are now recording.
The "record wheel" display (1) will now begin to appear to rotate. The elapsed time digits (2) will begin to increase.

If you are going to put your recorder in your pocket or anywhere that the buttons might inadvertently be pressed, slide up the "Hold" switch on the back of the recorder. This disables all buttons, ensuring that your recording won't accidently be stopped.

The hold switch is off in (1). It is on in (2).

Step 5: End Recording

When you are done, slide the "Hold" switch to off (if you turned it on while recording).

Now end your recording by pressing "Off" (1). In a moment, you'll see "Writing" (2). After that, you'll see "No Name" again.

Step 6: (optional) Listen to Your Recording

Find the "Phones" jack (1) on the left side of the recorder

Insert the cable from your headphone into the "Phones" jack.

Press the "Play" button. (1)
Adjust the volume with the "VOL" decrease ("-") (2) and increase ("+")(3) buttons to your taste.

To go the start of the previous or the next track, press the "Rec Level" decrease button "<<" (1) or the increase button ">>" (2).

To fast forward or rewind within a track, press and hold one of those same buttons.

Step 7: Turn Off Your Recorder

To turn off the recorder, press "Off" (1). You'll see "TOC edit" as the recorder writes your file to the minidisc.
Then you'll briefly see "Goodbye"; then the display will turn blank.
The recorder is now off!

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