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Praise for the eTips Newsletter

a free email newsletter from Doug Lipman

People from all around the world have subscribed

At least 65 countries are represented:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbayjan, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Britain, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malawi, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Phillipines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, U.S.A., UAE, Venezuela, Vietnam


Here is what some of them have said:

"Reminds me of what I love about storytelling!" - Fran Yardley, professional storyteller and actress, Tupper Lake, NY
"Your newsletter is a great read!!!! Thanks for your generousity!" - Thom Coates, Jackson, MS
"As an administrator, I find your newsletter to be a constant source of inspiration. Most email newsletters are worthless. This one is a goldmine." - Ellen Riordan, Children's Coordinator, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, MD.
"A quick scan showed me a few areas I can't wait to really read well and learn from. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and tips!" - Helena Kaufman, Writer and Consultant, Manitoba, Canada


"Please keep me subscribed to your wonderful, chock full of provocative ideas storytelling newsletter. I like it a lot!" - Loretta Greene, Tempe, AZ
"Very informative!" - Don Doyle, Mesa, AZ
"Thank you for extending a helping hand to the many semi-professional storytellers by sharing your skills. I do believe that your theory of "buddying" is accurate. We all need other tellers with whom we can share problems and successes. Thank you for giving storytelling the high priority it needs and deserves." - Cathy Whittemore, Stratham, NH
"Invaluable material" - Paul and Elsie Stiffler, Villa Park, IL
"What a fabulous newsletter! Brief, to the point and it addressed some very topical subjects for me." - Scott Plimpton, Simi Valley, CA
"What a wonderful newsletter! So filled with so many aspects of storytelling. I love it!" - Wanna Zinsmaster
"I can't tell you how much I enjoy the newsletter. I particularly am enamored with this issue [Number 5, Does Storytelling Make Us More Human?], speaking as one hopeful to another. Keep up the good work and thanks again. I appreciate your encouragement." - Susi Wolf, Albuquerque, NM
"I sure appreciate getting the etips, and this vocal one [Number 12 Are you neglecting your voice?] is a great reminder to us all... We should not take our instruments for granted, that's for sure. Thanks, and be very well as we go into the cold and dark time of year." - Jeannine Laverty, Saratoga Springs NY


"What you've provided in this newsletter [Number 9 What Are Stories Made Of?] is a wonderful confirmation, and affirmation, for me to share with others. Thanks, once again, for your gracious sharing of such an informative e-newsletter." - Lyn Ford, Columbus, OH
"I think this information about encouraging storytellers [Number 23: Why Can't Johnny Tell?] is helpful for encouraging self-expression in writing, too. I want all teachers, grandparents, and parents (and the children in their lives) to have it." - Lynne Burns (Ilion, NY)
"I throughly enjoy and print out all the valuable information and put it in my personal binder to refer to from time to time. Many thanks!" - Rob McCabe, Storyteller, Michigan
"The newsletter is so generous, and so TIMELY! [Number 18 Do You Want to Spend More Time on Your Art?] I am just now cobbling together a storytelling business plan for an organization here that helps folks get started in small businesses. The points on marketing are GREAT-GREAT-GREAT and wil be handy for my little company with the big name, Mythopoetica. SO, I thank you and wish you a grand day" - Abegael Fisher-Lang, British Columbia, Canada
"I appreciate all the information, and will certainly share your tips, workshop schedule and website details with other tellers in the Tucson area. I am particularly impressed with your eTips format and the clear way you provide information. As always, your information is right-on!!" - Glenda Bonin, Tuscon, AZ
"Your concrete suggestions on the work of storytelling have stayed with me... the ripples continue."- Joan King, Telford, PA


"I think that your newsletter is terrific. I'm using many of your 'tips' with my Museum outreach staff (Children's Museum 2 Go) - and they're most helpful. Keep up the good work." - Candace Barrett, Los Angeles, CA
"This is great stuff and needs to be shared. Thanks so much for all the creative thinking you do for us in your newsletters...I'm saving them all to print out and read in total." - Gail N. Herman, Storyteller and Enrichment Consultant, Swanton, MD
"Thank you for your, as always, interesting newsletter. I am sharing it with people who are into storytelling." - Nadia Nagarajan, San Jose, CA
"I love your emails. They add depth to my storytelling journey - and I look forward to the day I can attend a workshop! - Carol Rehme, Loveland, CO


Gail Rosen

"Essential Information!"

"This is essential information for anyone interested in oral communication. I can't believe you give so much good information away!

"In my work as a bereavement facilitator, the concepts and resources that you have generously shared are a touchstone that I refer to often and have enabled me, in turn, to be of service to others. In my work on the executive board of a non-profit organization, I have used your model of listening and appreciating to improve communication, clarify goals and further the board's ability to serve our membership. Thank you for your insight, your experience and your willingness to share what you know." - Gail Rosen, Storyteller and Bereavement Counsellor, Pikesville, MDA


"I wish you could receive a monetary award commensurate with the positive feelings folk have for you and your storytelling service." - Jane McNally, Ph.D., Massachusetts


"Thanks for the newsletter [Number 24, Two Dangers to Your Storytelling]. It was so enlightening since i myself have the same self-doubts when i start telling stories, it made me re-think about my story-telling skills. Thanks for keeping me subscribed." - Anci Lasta, Philippines
"I like your newsletter very much and appreciate getting it. Not only is it highly informative, but serves as an effective stimulant to get me off of "dead center" and pointed in the right storytelling direction.  You are to be commended for doing it." - Emil McVeigh, Reynoldsburg, Ohio  
"You continue to amaze me. I am re-eiting my Masters' thesis and struggling to clarify the ideas you laid out so effortlessly about storytelling, leadership and the storytelling movement. This newsletter is very uplifting to my spirit." - Nina Serrano, Oakland, CA
"Liked your comments on audience participation [in Number 18, Do You Want to Spend More Time On Your Art]; specific and practical. Just completed a major gig in Seattle at Northwest Folklife Festival with a new historical story on the Black Ball Line - East and West Coast. I used many of the concepts.... They really helped - and the audience really liked the story!" - Jill Johnson, Whidbey Island, WA
"Thanks so much for including me on your mailing list. I had meant to let you know sooner how much I enjoyed the first two issues I received. It's particularly helpful since we are now living out in the woods and I have no real storytelling community close by." - Jeannine Pasini Beekman, Benton, LA
"I enjoyed the eTips # 2. It put into words the vision I originally had for storytelling. It fits me like a glove.... The information age has left me out in the cold as I really have no tech. knowledge or wisdom to provide for the business world. However, with the arrival of an experience economy all is changed." - Wesley August, Public Speaker, Moultonboro, NH
"Thank you for the tips. As a novice storyteller, I really appreciate the suggestions... I am keeping all the newsletters, because you have shared some really valuable advice. Thank you." - Martha Bishop, Bethel, CT
"im very grateful for the tips uv given me thru email. may u continue guiding young storytellers like me! thanks a lot!:)" - JK Anicoche, Philippines


"I've enjoyed your email letters, as well as the articles on your webpage, all interesting and fun to read." - Bob Thomas
"I attended one of your workshops and found it dynamite, so of course I love the gift of your storytelling tips. I will try to keep up the giving away on my end of the line too. Thanks for setting us all a great example." - Cathy Gaskill, Quaker Storyteller, Orlando, FL
"The newsletter is wonderful. It has texture: so your gifts as a storyteller comes through loud and clear... I am a univ. prof, storyteller and trainer-consultant, and I appreciate your influence on Annette Simmons. I like your intro to STORY FACTOR as well. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK WITH THE NEWSLETTER." - Larry Coleman, Baltimore, MD




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