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eTips from the Storytelling Coach

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Doug Lipman
Doug Lipman
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"You'll learn techniques for effective storytelling..."
- Janet Roberts, Associate Editor,

"You'll Need This Monthly Collection..." -

"You don't have to be a professional actor to enjoy telling stories to a crowd. If you don't have any formal acting training, you'll need this monthly collection of tips and advice from Doug Lipman, a storyteller, coach and mentor.

Lipman tackles a central topic each month - how to take care of your voice, incorporating storytelling into different arenas, such as corporate events and children's festivals, stimulating imaginations, creating characters and the essential elements of storytelling - and shares advice, insights and some personal philosophy.

You'll learn techniques for effective storytelling without straining your most precious instrument, your voice." - Janet Roberts,

Read more of what readers have to say...


Thirty years ago, at 7:30am on a Tuesday, I stood facing a roomful of restless pre-adolescents. Unexpectedly, I had been placed in front of 70 of them with the instructions, "They can't use the playground because of the rain. Keep them busy until the other teachers get here."

I looked out over their faces, which revealed 10% hopefulness that I'd say something interesting, and 90% cynicism that any adult ever could. Their bodies were slumped, their arms were folded. They were challenging me to interest them.

Not knowing what else to do, I began to tell a story. Within moments, their postures changed. Their arms lowered to their sides. Their faces relaxed. Their eyes rolled slightly back. Best of all, they remained entranced throughout the fifteen minutes of the story.

I had no way of knowing it, but those fifteen minutes were to change my life. Over the next years, I followed the "story response" of children and adults - out of my teaching job, into free-lance performing, and finally into my role as a storytelling coach.

I became part of the storytelling revival, which has swept from classrooms and bedrooms into theaters and boardrooms. I wrote books, performed at festivals, recorded video and audio, coached individuals, and offered workshops and corporate trainings.


Sara Armstrong  

"Deep thinking and thoughtful articulation!" Information Literacy by Sara Armstrong

"I love the newsletters because the stories are always so thoughtful and full—the stories unfold and make their points deliciously. And of course they reveal the deep thinking and thoughtful articulation of their messages that are your hallmark. Your contributions to this world and time are so special—and much appreciated!. - Sara Armstrong, Ph.D., Educational Consultant, Berkeley, CA

What is your equivalent of that room full of antagonistic children? Do you face:

  • Jaded colleagues?
  • Sceptical investors?
  • Bored children?
  • An organization in need of your vision?
  • A staff locked in conflict?
  • A profession unaware of the opportunities you see for it?

Storytelling can be a vital tool to help you communicate, solve problems, and lead. Wouldn't you like more insight into how and why it works its magic?

Rabbi Steve Vale  

"Whole courses!"

"You are like a university all onto yourself! The articles in the newsletter are whole courses and textbooks." - Rabbi Steve Vale, Rabbi and storyteller, Vacaville, CA


"Most helpful!"

"I think that your newsletter is terrific. I'm using many of your 'tips' with my Museum outreach staff - and they're most helpful. Keep up the good work." - Candace Barrett, Los Angeles, CA


Amy Conley's CD - I Sing Every Day  

"A joy to read!"

" Doug Lipman's 'eTips from the Storytelling Coach' is a joy to read! Informative, interesting and very helpful to anyone who performs stories or music. I'm so happy I found it!Amy Conley, musician, Milford NH


"Reminds me of my passion!"

"Reminds me of my passion! I look forward to taking some of your training some day when finances allow. In the meantime, I really do appreciate your newsletter. When I go to a gig tomorrow, I will take some of your wisdom with me."—Rita Whitebud, NY




In order to keep in touch with people who care about the transformational power of storytelling, I send out a FREE email newsletter. It just comes out once or twice a month, so it won't clog your in-box.

Every issue of eTips from the Storytelling Coach features two items:

1. An article about a topic that is central to your storytelling, touching on one or more of these areas:

  • Improving and applying your storytelling
  • The importance and uses of storytelling
  • The process of coaching

These aren't just "filler" articles. They are full-fledged brief essays (750-1250 words) on an important topic in storytelling. They provide information, perspective, and inspiration—what everyone interested in telling stories needs regular doses of.

Russo Louis

"Gives me insights into my own work!" —Russo Louis


"My sincerest thanks to you for defining storytelling for me in the way that you did. What you did was, in a manner of speaking, provide me within the scope of your answer to my question, a plot of such healthy soil I do believe it will bear fruit for me when ever I refer to it for harvest for the rest of my life. Without going into how your excellent answer relates so well to my particular art form, as further compliment and thanks, let me say, that it does most assuredly but not only that, further, it gives me insights to my own work, perpetually in development, and also my living for over fifty years."

Russo Louis, Comedy Ventriloquist (Listed on HBO’s broadcast of the "Ed Sullivan All Star Comedy Special" with "fifty of the world’s greatest comedians.")

2. A "subscriber special"—a time-limited discount announced only to eTips subscribers. Recent offers have included:

  • discounts as large as $100 to $300 and more on storytelling resources,
  • advance announcements of telephone seminars,
  • pre-order offers on upcoming recordings,
  • discounts on web hosting for storytellers,
  • discounts as large as $1628 on packages of coaching services,
  • and much more.

In fact, the last 12 newsletters contained subscriber specials worth a total of $3919.71!

Gail Rosen  


"Your newsletter is a terrific resource, not only for school and library storytellers, but for anyone who is drawn to using story in other settings as well. - Gail Rosen, Storyteller and Bereavement Counsellor, Pikesville, MDA


‘Announcements’ and ‘Last Chance’

After you have been a subscriber for a while, I'll send you an email letting you know that you have been added to two additional lists:

A. Announcements about:

  • My personal and recommended storytelling events, and
  • Useful storytelling resources I may find from time to time.

B. Last Chance notices:

  • By popular demand, I also send an email reminding you when a subscriber-only special is about to expire.

Altogether, you can expect to receive about four to six emails a month from me. And, if you wish, you can easily unsubscribe from the Announcements or Last Chance lists separately, for your convenience. (Just click on the appropriate link at the bottom of a message.)


I welcome your feedback on the content and usefulness of the newsletter, and will sometimes incorporate your comments in future issues.

Ellen Riordan, Enoch Pratt Free Library

"A goldmine!"

"Most email newsletters are worthless. This one is a goldmine." - Ellen Riordan, Children's Coordinator, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, MD.

Past issues have included topics such as:

Want to read the current issue? It's available free on the web.

You can also read the most recent back issues.

Thousands have subscribed to this free newsletter. Read why, in their own words!

Gail Rosen

"Helps me move…toward what I love…!"

"Reminds me of what I love about storytelling - and helps me move toward it!." - Fran Yardley, Professional Storyteller (Tupper Lake, NY),



If you ever want to cancel your subscription, y ou have three easy ways:

1. Click on the personlized link included in your newsletter.

2. Or use this form.

3. If you prefer, send me an email to , including the word "unsubscribe" in the subject.

Bob Reiser  

Carry It On book cover, Pete Seeger, Bob Reiser"A Wonderful Pick-up!"

"I've unsubscribed from other things, lots of things, but never from the storytelling coach.  It is a wonderful pick-up for my spirits." - Bob Reiser, author and storyteller, Tarrytown, NY


My privacy policy is simple and iron-clad: I won't give your email address to anyone else.



eTips is my gift to those interested in storytelling. At the same time, it lets me spread the word about unique resources.

To explain these same storytelling topics individually, I would charge at least $195 an hour, often more. But this one essay a month is free!

Your email address is safe. You can cancel anytime. Thousands of others are receiving this high-quality information. If you are interested in storytelling, you can't afford to miss this information.
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