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Coaching Coaches

a Multi-Day Workshop by Doug Lipman

By coaching, I mean the process of helping someone overcome any obstacles to their creative intelligence. In other words, helping them flourish.

Since we all get slowed down or stuck from time to time, coaching is key to our flourishing as storytellers - and therefore to our communities and the entire storytelling revival. If we become more effective at helping each other, everyone benefits.

That's why I teach about coaching techniques whenever I coach people. If you've been to a "Storytelling Coaching" workshop, you know that I coach everyone there - and I also take time to answer questions on the coaching process. To be smart recipients of coaching help, we need to know something about how coaching is done.

A Special Workshop

But once in a while I offer workshops that focus primarily on coaching skills. In these Coaching Coaches workshops, you'll have a chance to be coached on a story - by another attendee. You'll also have a chance to coach someone - and I'll coach you on your coaching.

At a Coaching Coaches workshop, you'll review the basics of coaching. You'll also have a chance to sink your teeth into the details and advanced techniques. Topics will include:

  • Learning your strengths and challenges as a coach.
  • The principles of coaching - in depth.
  • The four-part structure of a coaching session - and when to ignore it.
  • The types of obstacles that storytellers face.
  • The helping techniques that work with each kind of obstacle.
  • How to keep the teller in charge of the session.
  • How to remain a servant to the teller's goals.
  • How to offer incisive suggestions without doing harm.
  • And much more....

Who Should Come?

To benefit, you need just two qualifications:

1. You should be familiar with my approach to coaching.

It's best if you've been coached by me or by someone who has studied extensively with me. But people have also gotten a lot from Coaching Coaches if they've read The Storytelling Coach or have viewed my video, Coaching Storytellers - or both.

2. You care about coaching others.

You don't have to want to be a professional coach. But if you help children or adults tell stories, you may care about helping them improve. Or you may want to coach people in other areas - such as writing or other arts.

How to Learn More

If you think you might be interested, please email or call the organizer of my next Coaching Coaches workshop. For contact information, check out my Upcoming Events page. Or feel free to email me at .

I look forward to hearing from you!


What People Say

"I love the opportunity to take 4 days out of my life and devote it to this one very cool thing. To really focus on this technique which I think makes me a better listener, better communicator and better storyteller. I love the combination of your telling us theory , us getting to talk in pairs often and feel listened to ( I can't stress HOW important this is, but you know already), getting coached and coaching....I love the specific examples you bring up. And most of all, I love observing you coach and then talk about it in such a generous way so we can try to really GET what it means." - Fran Yardley, NY.

"The coaching session made me realize that my major problem was not whether to tell the story or not, but WHY I wanted to tell it. Once that was accomplished, I began to relate the characters, scenes and symbolism in it to the MIT and the rest played itself out. And I found a new way to spend time with a longer story and get to know it before even putting it together.

"The main message I got was WE NEED EACH OTHER. Look what happened from the contact I had with just the 10 people that were there. Three people offered to help me and I got to do the same for them. I shared the results of the tellings with them and they were able to celebrate with me and I them." - Joyce Bernheim, NJ



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