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Performance Topics for Adult Audiences

Available from Doug Lipman

These shows, featuring storytelling with songs, draw on the resources of the fully-developed adult imagination to move, entertain, and transform.

The Soul of Hope
soulbutton picture One of Doug's performance topics for adults has its own home page - which has just been completely redesigned and expanded! It is the two-act Jewish mystical adventure story, The Soul of Hope.

Birds, Bread and Blessings

Some stories change you. In this program, Doug Lipman offers a dozen dangerous Hasidic stories that have not only lodged in his heart, they have grown strong enough to change his heart’s landscape. Don’t listen to these stories unless you’re willing to risk being changed by them, yourself!

Birds, Bread, and Blessings CD coverThe stories and songs of these wise and kind rabbis will amuse, bemuse and nourish you; above all, they’ll stay with you, rattling around in your mind and heart long after the last “Yai, dai, dai” has been sung.

The Ballad of Mauthausen

In 1945, U.S. soldiers liberated the complex of concentration camps near Mauthausen, Austria. Doug Lipman's father was among them. In this 55-minute performance, Doug interweaves his personal story, tales from Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust by Yaffa Eliach, and the 4-song cycle, "The Ballad of Mauthausen" by Mikis Theodorakis.

Can You Hear the Silence?

Hasidic Tales for the 21st Century: You don't need any background in Jewish mysticism to relate to these stories of inspiration, humor, and hope. After years of reading, adapting and performing Hasidic tales, Doug Lipman found himself creating new Hasidic tales—even new rabbis. The result is both entertaining and transforming.

The Forgotten Story

Tales (with songs) of Wise Jewish Men. A surprising evening of tales about men who have retained the ability to think and nurture at the same time: mystical journeys, tales of cleverness and kindness, and the unlikely adventures of Judaism's unconventional heroes.

Hopping Freights
A Wild Sixties Adventure
Available on a sixty-minute audiotape!
You can also read an excerpt from this story.

Crossing Danger Water
The Life and Times of Thomas Wentworth Higginson, a Nineteenth-Century Abolitionist

No More Glass Slippers
Classic fairy tales revisited! Unusual versions of familiar stories, such as an African "Snow White," an Egyptian "Rapunzel," and a Jewish "Beauty and the Beast."

The Sword and the Braid
Folktales in which Men and Women Help Each Other Overcome Sex Roles: An Egyptian Rapunzel takes an active role in the prince's story;
a Jewish "Beauty and the Beast" becomes a parable about appearances;
in all cases, they learn to leave behind both the hereditary sword and the imprisoning ladder-of-hair.
From the surprising wisdom of folk tales come these stories in which male and female characters strive against narrowly-defined roles for themselves and for each other.

, call, or write for further information about bringing Doug Lipman's adult performances to your organization.



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