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Marketing Your Way

Six Months of Support, from Doug Lipman

Triple-Profit Guarantee!

I guarantee that you'll earn at least three times the cost of this program—as a direct result of what you learn—within 6 months of the end of this program. Or I'll refund every cent you paid!

"Learning this information is like taking a warm bath. Man, do I need to know this!"—Fran Yardley, professional storyteller, Tupper Lake, NY

The Last Ever "Marketing Your Way" Program!

"I may offer marketing help in the future, but I promise you that you'll never get this much personalized attentiong this cheaply, ever again."
- Doug Lipman

The other day, I coached Sheila (not her real name). I asked her how her storytelling was going.

She said, "Well, I love the storytelling. I love the work when I get it. I don't know if I'm cut out for this, though. I just can't stand marketing myself."

I said, "Tell me what you can't stand."

Sheila said, "I went to some seminars and workshops. I bought a book about what you should do to market. I even set up the system they described. I made cold calls, sent the follow-ups letters and faxes."

I said, "It didn't work?"

She said, "Actually, I got some work from it. But I'd rather wait tables!"

I said, "What's the problem?"

She said, "First of all, I hate tooting my own horn. I feel like I'm barging into people's psychic space and pushing myself on them. And I hate systems I have to be a slave to every day! I'd rather do a menial job, where at least my brain is free!"

Have You Faced These Two Misconceptions?

"Exciting and motivating! It was like lights coming on to illuminate whole spaces in my mind map I hadn't even thought of being there. And to have your creative ideas on my behalf, how cool is that?"
—Ron O'Reilly, RIngoes, NJ

As it happens, Sheila hit on two of the key misconceptions around marketing, and, as a result, two of the places where people need the most support, if they're to succeed.

I believe firmly that you can succeed, with the right information and the right help. But you have to face those misconceptions head-on.

The first misconception is that marketing is "blowing your own horn." Instead, marketing is letting the people who need you know that you're there.

The second misconception is the implicit idea that there's one right way to market. Marketing experts, like other people, tend to assume that everyone else has the same energy they do. They are not typically aware of the different ways that people get things done, think about things, and approach their lives.

It's not too surprising, if you think about it. The people who write marketing books tend to be those who love "systems." They have energy for being systematic. They feel good when they get up in the morning and say, "Ah! Every thing is in place!"

Given how our society is set up, people with energy for being systematic tend to be the ones who get books published! (This is a fine way to be, by the way. But it's a poor match for most of us.)

Most storytellers—like Sheila and me—have little energy for maintaining systems. We tend to have a small amount of energy for this kind of "follow-through" activity, and it tends to get used up elsewhere in our daily lives.

Does that mean that you can't market? Does that mean that you can't get the word out about your gifts, to the people who want them?

Absolutely not! There are two key concepts to remember:

1. You have to do it your own way, in a way that uses your energy and talents. This is true for marketing as much as it's true for storytelling!

Just as no two people tell a story exactly the same way, no two people will have a marketing life that looks exactly the same.

If you love to talk to people, for example, your marketing should be based on talking to people! If you love to sit alone in your room and write, on the other hand, your marketing should be based on that.

There is always a way to use your strengths in marketing. I will teach you how.

2. Because of all the societal misconceptions—and because your way may look so different from what anyone around you has ever experienced— you will need support in order to pull this off. It's too much to expect that you'll be able to invent your own marketing style by yourself, without help. Beyond that, there's no need for it!

One of my great adventures over the past four or five years has been discovering some information about marketing that has allowed me to succeed in my own way. Of course, it's always evolving and improving. I'm always trying some things that work fantastically and others that don't work well at all. But I have found ways to use the energy that I have, for marketing.

Does that mean that you should learn my system?

It's tempting, in a way. I suppose I could teach my "system," and the exact things I do. But only about five percent of people, I think, would actually find that useful - because maybe five percent of people match my energies and skills enough to make that work.

Rather, I want to help you find your way.

"I applaud you for putting the model of artist-as-businessperson, spiritual person-as-marketing maven, out there into the storytelling world so effectively, not just as advice but as concrete incentives, offers and packages."
- Liz Nichols, Teacher and Storyteller, San Francisco

Helping You Find Your Own Way

So how do I do that? Well, I keep trying to find ways to help that will actually work for others and are affordable. Here's my latest, best idea:

The information you need is substantial, but it doesn't really take that long to learn it. What takes longer is for you to try things out repeatedly, reflect on your results, and try some more, as you find your own way.

Therefore, you need support to experiment, then check back in, without dropping the ball. You need to:

  • Identify some of your strengths.
  • Choose something to try, that seems suited to you and to those who want what you offer.
  • Try it for a while, then ask questions.
  • Change it, notice the results, then say, "How could I do this better?"
  • Get new ideas, try them out, then say, "Ah! Now I get it!"

So I thought, "The minimum would be to set up a program where people could get support once a month for six months." One or two months is definitely not enough. At the same time, I think you'll get more per dollar from a 6-month program that from something that goes indefinitely - because it will motivate you to hunker down while you have the help available.

What You Get from This Program

" I very much enjoyed it. I totally admire your marketing, storytelling, and coaching skills. It was a thrill to be connected with storytellers across the country and to know you were focused on us and sharing your knowledge and experience on our collective work and passion. You got me back on track."
—Marion Besmehn, Mt. Carmel, CA

Here are the forms of support I will give you:

Part 1 (three hours). In month #1, a three-hour group phone call in which I'll introduce you to the key ideas for individually-shaped marketing - and to the others in your section. Right away, you'll find some obvious allies and complimentary strengths.

Part 2 (one hour). In month #2, a one-to-one, one-hour phone call in which we'll start to identify your unique gifts and needs and create specific things to do, in order to test out what really works for you in the world.

Parts 3, 4, and 5 (six hours total). In months #3, 4, and 5, you will be part of a group of no more than 6 people who will be part of a two-hour group phone call each of these three months.

What happens in the group calls? Everyone will check in. I will work with people around answering questions. You will leave, not only with your own fresh tasks to do in the next month, but also with a new perspective that comes from hearing how other people are implementing these ideas in their own unique ways.

You'll choose one of the two sections, by the way, based on the date and time for the first two-hour session, either:

Section 1: Wednesday, January 25 , 2006, 1-4pm (Central time), or
Section 2: Tuesday, January 31 , 2006, 6-9pm (Central time).

At that first phone-meeting, we'll set the dates for our other three group calls.

Part 6 (as much time as you decide to put into it). There will be ways for you to communicate with the other participants, too:

  • I will create a special email mailing list that will allow you to easily report your results to and ask questions of the others who are part of this program.
  • I will give you access to my private "Marketing Your Way" web-based forum.
  • By mutual agreement, you may choose to form additional buddy-relationships with others in either section.

So you'll gain much more resource than you could have if you were just being coached one-on-one by me.

Part 7 (one hour). In month #6, we'll have a last one-to-one, one-hour phone call to check how far you've come and what makes sense for you to do next, to continue to build on what you've developed.

Part 8 (2 times 30 minutes). After month #6, you'll have two coaching certificates, each good for a 30-minute phone coaching session. I won't leave you in the cold after the six months are over!

What will all this cost me?

I'm making this available at a low price, for two reasons. First, I'm trying to perfect this format and want to learn how to make it work for people. Second, I want lots of storytellers to succeed. That broadens the base of support for storytelling and helps spread the word about the transforming power of storytelling.

Over the course of the program, you have twelve hours of contact with me. What is that worth? Well, apart from this program, you'd have to sign up for twelve hours of individual coaching at $195 an hour. Paid by the session, that would come to $2340. If you chose the pre-pay discount, you could get those twelve hours for as little as $1440. But this "Marketing Your Way" program of solo and group coaching (plus the support of up to 11 other participants) is just $495! (Special: register by November 10 and save $100 - your price is then only $395.)

"Storytelling has been moved from the back burner of my daily life to one
of the front burners--seldom far from my thoughts. I have already applied several marketing ideas, such as reaching out to those who need my services, and especially to several who know me from previous contacts in other contexts than my storytelling."
-Millie Sieber, Maryville, TN

Triple-Profit Guarantee

I guarantee that you will earn money as a direct result of what you learn in this program. In fact, I guarantee that you'll earn THREE TIMES the cost of the program within 6 months after the end of the program - or I'll refund every penny you paid! I'll even pay you five cents a minute to reimburse you for the phone calls!

Please don't pay now

I'm only choosing people who I feel are ready to profit from this individual attention. So please do not send money now.

Instead, email for an application. (Or request it on the web.) Once your application is approved, I'll give you instructions for registration. (You'll be able to register via your choice of web, phone, fax, or email or mail.)

I strongly suggest you fill out an application immediately. Once the six slots in a section are full, you'll be out of luck!

"I was struggling for a long while ... and you provided a brilliant concept that I can't wait to put into practice!"
—Andy Chan, consultant, Singapore.


These people took advantage of the powerful information I can give you in this program:

"I now have a Director's job - as a direct result of marketing suggestions you gave me six years ago!"
—Anne Loar Brooks, Baltimore, MD.

"So generous, and so TIMELY! I am just now cobbling together a storytelling business plan for an organization here that helps folks get started in small businesses. The points on marketing are GREAT-GREAT-GREAT!"
- Abegael Fisher-Lang, British Columbia

"During the workshop, I suddenly had a personal revelation about how much of my energy and time gets siphoned off by activities that do not advance me towards achieving my dream. I came away far more committed to achieving what I really want....I have found it much easier to say no to things which do not advance my major goals. I am getting more accomplished - and really nurturing my relationships with my peers."
- Connie Dodge, Atlanta, GA

"Since our last session I have been quite busy with my business bringing in $ between the raindrops this summer so I can have a security blanket for a tour I am planning for next summer. I have more clearly defined my market and distilled it...and am familiar with the specific benefits I have to offer. Thanks again for your support!"
-Wesley August, Moultonboro, NH

"Since the workshop, I have kept moving on finding a venue(s) for my long story. Many thanks!"
- Mary Hamilton, Frankfort, KY

"I loved your workshop and the way you so gently and positively worked with us. I am so full of your excellent attention! I appreciate all you did to help me on my path to publication."
- Gail Herman, Swanton, MD

"I am amazed at your business skills along with your knowledge of the world and the powers of storytelling. Keep doing what you do best!"
- Mary Jo Huff, Newburgh, Indiana

Hold Your Place!

This program is limited to only 12 people. Request an application now!

Remember: You must be accepted and register by November 10 to save $100.




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