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Living Your Artistic Vision

A Workshop led by Pam McGrath and Doug Lipman

You can register online for this workshop via the secure registration form.

All artists hunger to live their art. Whether you are a storyteller, speaker, musician, writer, painter, or other artist, you face the question, "How do I live my art, and still live in the real world?"

Do you need help with performance, marketing, dreaming, setting up support structures, goals, or ways to achieve them? Now you can give yourself - and your art - the opportunity to spend a long weekend imagining your art as the focus of your life. And take home the skills to make your dream happen!

"I used what I learned to take an honest look at myself, at my business, at my business partnership and to take the bold steps needed to seek, create and maintain my vision.

"What can I say? It's had a huge impact. I'm energized and scared, but know that I'm on the right path." - Audrey Galax, video historian, Atlanta, GA

Every artist needs to periodically go through a vision cycle:

  1. clarifying your dream,
  2. making a realistic self-inventory of your strengths and resources,
  3. refining a particular vision, and
  4. strategizing concrete next steps to turn your artistic vision into an artistic life.
Pam and Doug will guide you step by step through this cycle, using large-group work, small-group work-sessions, and individual attention in front of the group. Since everyone at the workshop will be at a unique place in this journey, you'll be able to learn from each other's strengths and struggles.

Working Together to Have Artistic Lives

Our society tends to make us think that "talent" is what determines how much art-making we can have in our lives - and, simultaneously, that "suffering geniuses" need to devote lonely lives to their art.

In fact, the social and economic status of the arts forces us to make difficult decisions about how much of our lives we are willing to spend on creating art vs. selling it - and on sharing art vs. running a small business.

Above all, we have the choice to stay connected to others, to help each other as we face our own version of the predictable problems. And find solutions that best suit each of us.

You will leave this workshop, not only with a renewed sense of your particular strengths and abilities, but with a sense of how to continue turning "some day" into "today."

"I came away far more committed to achieving what I really want.... I am getting more accomplished and [am] really nurturing relationships with my peers." - Connie Dodge, professional storyteller, Atlanta, GA

When, Where, etc.

January 17-20, 2002
Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon
Location: Atlanta, GA (Buckhead area)
Limited to 12
Tuition: $395; $355 by 12/1/01.
For lodging information, email , call or write.
Deposit: $150 (Check payable to Doug Lipman; Visa, MC, and Amex also accepted.)

Register now via the secure, on-line registration form.

This workshop will also be given in Pasadena, CA, in March, 2002. See upcoming events for details.



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