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This Workshop has it own website:!

Telling Stories to Children - a Workshop

Led by Judith Black and Doug Lipman

This four-day workshop is held annually in the historic seaport of Marblehead, MA. For details of upcoming sessions, please consult

Why storytelling?

Storytelling assists with transmitting world cultures, reinforcing learning experiences, helping the emerging ego, and enjoyment of oral literature. Storytelling is a living art that brings children and adults together around a nurturing core.

Who should come?

Teachers of all kinds, ministers, therapists, social workers, librarians, and others who want to utilize storytelling in their work with young people.

The course emphasizes developing individual skills and styles of telling, so participants with all levels of storytelling experience are welcomed!

What will I learn?

Participants will learn how to access the storytelling imagination, both in themselves and in children. They will strengthen the skills of creating stories for children, and of integrating young listeners into their work.

The class is a balance of workshops and coaching. Participants will choose workshops suited to their needs and background; some of the possible workshops include:

About the faculty

Both Judith Black and Doug Lipman have been storytellers for over 20 years. They have each performed as featured tellers at the National Storytelling Festival, and have taught at the National Storytelling Conference as wellas the National Congress on Storytelling and Education. They have taught this class every summer since 1988.

Judith Black

has both a degree in Early Child-hood Ed. from Wheelock College, & acting training from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts; her work reflects a unique blend of bold performance and supportive teaching. She has been an adjunct faculty member of Lesley Colleges Arts Institute for over ten years, and works actively as an Artist in Education. (

Doug Lipman

is a former nursery school teacher & Kodaly music teacher. An adjunct faculty member at Boston Univ., Lesley College, and others, he has taught over 250 workshops and performed on three continents. Doug is the author of four books on using storytelling (and music) with children and adults.

Want More Information?

For an article about the unique challenges and joys of telling stories to children, see Telling Stories to Children.

For information about lodging or registration, please contact Judith at or (781) 631-4417.

For information about course content, please contact either Judith or Doug - or check out



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