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"I have offered workshops at Wanna Zinsmaster's house for well over a dozen years. There is an excitement there that is framed by a sense of calm. It's one of my favorite places on the planet!" — Doug Lipman

Workshop Site: Wanna's House

An art-filled condo in Pasadena

We have the great privilege of holding workshops in Wanna Zinsmaster's unique condominium, with its view of the mountains. Pasadena weather is reliably mild.

Next workshops at Wanna's have now been combined:

"Wanna has made an art of life. Her condominium is filled with art, giant balls, interesting books, and musical instruments. " — Jay O'Callahan


Wanna's condo is irresistably itself, just like Wanna. She's active, curious, welcoming and accepting. At the same time, she clearly follows her own path. Her place is filled with beautiful works of art - and very little furniture. "I like to have room to dance," she says.

For someone who studied education and theology with some of the famous names of the twentieth century, she's disarmingly unassuming and only mentions that she's "Dr. Zinsmaster" when someone treats her dismissively.

As someone who has nurtured countless storytellers in her area, Wanna is generous and warm. At the same time, her back wall sports pictures of her dangerous adventures around the world - riding a camel in the Sahara, heli-hiking in Alaska, visiting Arctic penguins.

And as the most physically-active retired professor I've ever met, she's a model of being your own kind of person, no matter what preconceptions society might try to mold you into.

There's a great motel a short walk away where most of the attendees will stay: the Saga Motor Inn. Here's its lobby:

We'll have lunches at some of the varied Pasadena restaurants. If you're coming from the frigid Northeast, you'll think you're in paradise!

Note: Wanna's house is close to the Huntington Museum and Gardens (a 5-minute drive or 30-minute walk), as well as the shops and restaurants of downtown Pasadena.

This picture shows one small portion of the water gardens at the Huntington.

I hope to see you there!

Yours in storytelling and creativity,

Doug LIpman's signature

Doug Lipman

P.S. These photos only show a small sampling of the decorations at Wanna's - which range from exquisite Chinese paintings to wind-up animals that make her laugh. I just wish I had a photo of the mountains she sees from her balcony!



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