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Formats for Workshops

available from Doug Lipman

Here are four possible formats for coaching workshops.

Most of these also work for other topics, such as Making Fairy Tales from Personal Stories, Finding Your True Market, Storytelling Games, etc.

1. Small-group

In this multi-day coaching workshop format, everyone present gets coached in front of the group every day of the workshop. This limits the group size to 8 (or possibly 9). This format is perfect for intensive work. It gives great safety, since there are no non-participant observers. It can take place on any number of days. It is economical, in that it requires only a living room (cat-free, due to my allergies).

2. Small-group mini-workshop

Mini-workshops last 4 or 5 hours and has 4 people, each of whom gets coached for about 40 minutes. I usually charge $500 for these, which works out to $125 per person. This, too, requires only a living room.

3. Medium-sized group workshop

In this multi-day format, everyone gets coached once in the whole workshop. The number of people who can attend therefore depends on the number of days the workshop lasts.

I need about 2 or 3 hours to introduce the coaching process, which can take place the evening before the rest of the workshop (e.g., Friday evening for a weekend workshop) or during the first few hours of the first day of the workshop. After that, I can coach 8 people a day. This means that a weekend workshop can accommodate 16 tellers, each of whom gets coached once. Or a four-day workshop can accommodate about 30 tellers (5 the first day, after the introduction, and 8 each for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th days).

This still has good safety, but is less intensive for the tellers. It will be cheaper for each teller to afford a smaller portion of my fee, but may require the rental of a facility to hold this large a group.

4. Large-group workshop

In this format, only a few of the people attending get coached. This format can extend from a minimum of 1 1/2 hours to several days.

There is no limit to the number of people who can observe, but the number of people who will be coached is smaller. (More time is spent dealing with the needs of the observers.) In a three-hour workshop, I can coach 2 or 3 tellers. In a one-day, perhaps 5 or 6.

This format usually requires a larger facility, including sound reinforcement both for me and for the teller being coached. This format lends itself to a two-tier pricing schedule (charging one rate for those who will be coached, and another lower rate for those who will not.)



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