Storytelling Workshop in a Box - Deluxe Edition

 This course requires an enrollment key

Leader: Doug Lipman

Learn the essential concepts of storytelling without leaving your home. If you are serious about telling stories in any setting - whether the boardroom, the classroom, or the concert hall - this is the information I wish had been available to me early on. It would have saved me years of trial-and-error.

This course consists of 37 lessons, which you may pay for one month at a time or all at once at a discount. Each lesson contains a 20-30 minute audio to listen to, plus exercises to do alone or with a partner. The final lesson contains valuable guides to using what you have learned, including detailed indexes of the stories you have heard, the topics you have covered, and more. This Deluxe version adds transcriptions of each lesson, greater online interactivity, and $349.95 worth of free certificates - that are yours to keep even if you cancel part-way through the course. It also includes a 25% discount on any future telephone seminars.

To enroll in this course, pay via my online store. You can enroll in one of three ways:

  1. One month at a time (Regular, $11.95; Deluxe, $16.95) 
  2. The complete course at once (37 lessons; $395).
  3. Order the Keep Your Storytelling Close at Hand" USB Bracelet, with all the recordings, transcriptions, handouts and exercises on a USB drive (in the form of a bracelet - optionally including the Beginning Storytelling Toolkit™ and/or the Image Riding Toolkit).
When you purchase the course, you'll be emailed the enrollment key for this course.