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New: the improved, more interactive Online Version.

Storytelling Workshop in a Box pictureThe Storytelling Workshop In a Box

(You can order this item via my on-line order storm:

  You can hear an audio sample online, too!

Are You Committed to Your Storytelling...

...But too busy to travel to a workshop?

photo of Doug Lipman There’s now a way to keep up with your storytelling without leaving your home. You can take a storytelling workshop with the foremost storytelling coach in the U.S.–in your own place, at your own pace. And get free telephone coaching, as well!

If you are serious about your storytelling, you need this. It’s the only storytelling workshop that comes to you each month. And for a short time, you can receive the first 6, most essential issues at half-price! Membership is now as low as $.39 a day!

"A great idea! It’s a monthly ‘shot in the arm’ for my storytelling–and a good incentive to keep storytelling high on my priorities."–Kathy Flanagan, corporate consultant, Burr Ridge, IL

Kathy Flanagan
Storytelling is an ancient form of communication whose appeal and usefulness has been rediscovered in modern times. But, as welcome as storytelling has become in the contemporary worlds of education, therapy, worship, business, and elsewhere, the resources for learning it have remained old-school and unimaginative.

Sure, you can travel to workshops. You can read books. You can listen to recorded and live stories told by others.

Up until now, though, you haven't had a tool for learning storytelling that:

  • allows you to learn by listening AND reading
  • incorporates participation - the only way to integrate what you hear or read; and
  • lets you learn at home, without needing to fly across the country to workshops and conferences.

The Storytelling Workshop in a Box™ is a pioneering resource for keeping your storytelling in gear. It can solve your biggest storytelling problems–more effectively and affordably than any book, coaching session, or workshop!


Connie Dodge


"This is a monumental work. It lays the groundwork for excellence in this generation of storytellers and for generations to come."
—Jay O'Callahan, Marshfield, MA (Winner, Storytelling Circle of Excellence Award)

Do You Recognize This Problem?

You already know what you need as a storyteller: you need to keep at it. You need information about how best to tell, create, and work on stories. You need to interact with experts, so you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. You need to make sure your development as a storyteller doesn’t take a permanent back seat to everything else in your life. But, as parenting expert Haim Ginott used to say, "The problem with life is, it’s so ‘daily’!"

When I say, "serious about storytelling," I don’t necessarily mean that you plan to perform professionally. I mean you care enough about the power of storytelling to try to become a clear bearer of stories for those in your audiences, whether you reach them in auditoriums, at work, in your community, or in your home.

Let’s say you’re like Joe. He’s a devoted teacher who has experienced the magical effect of storytelling on his classes: how they become rapt, stop fidgeting and even breathe together. How they become motivated to learn more about the subjects of his stories. How they remember the facts and ideas he told them about.

But Joe has lots of demands on his time. He kept meaning to work on new stories and new ways to use stories–after all, it made his other teaching easier and more fun. But where would he find time to leave his family for a weekend to attend a workshop? And even if he got away once a year, does that mean that he would just stagnate for the other eleven months?

Here’s what Joe says happened after he became a Charter Member of the Storytelling Workshop in a Box™:


"I have used a lot of the listening and telling exercises in my teaching. Since subscribing to the Workshop in a Box, I have started telling stories to people, large groups too! I did the whole school last month–600 people!

"The program is outstanding! So far this has been unlike any other course I have had. Shouldn’t I get professional development credit or graduate credit for it? I can’t think of any other way to improve it!" –Joe Dinmore, teacher, Franklin, Massachusetts

Or think about Jody (not her real name). She’s a professional storyteller, performing several times a week. She’s so busy nurturing her audiences, she doesn’t get much nurturing as an artist! She spends some of her time working on new stories and improving old ones, of course–but she’s sure she could be more efficient, if she just had some good coaching. But where she lives in Montana, she’d have to drive eight or twelve hours just to find a committed group of storytellers, never mind an experienced coach!

Here’s part of an email from one of the "Jody’s" in the world:

Amy Crane photo

"Each month…I can't wait to listen to it!"
—Amy Crane, Norcross, LA

"It’s wonderful! I look forward to its arrival each month and can’t wait to get in the car by myself so I can listen to it–usually several times.

"There is not a strong storytelling community here and I feel very alone sometimes. The Workshops in a Box help me feel connected to a community of tellers in a 21st century sort of way. Thank you!"–Amy Crane, Norcross, LA

How about Nancy? She’s created a community of storytellers around her by starting an organization, a festival, a troupe of storytellers - and much more. She’s received a national award as a storytelling leader in her part of the country. But she knows she needs to shoe-horn something into her life that lets her nourish herself as a storyteller:


Nancy Duncan photo

"It helps me work on the important tasks of storytelling!"
—Nancy Duncan, Omaha, NE

"I drive a lot to gigs and the tapes make good traveling companions. Unlike a book, the Storytelling Workshop in a Box does not come all at once, it builds and there is time to process between the lessons. That’s good! It helps me work on the important tasks of storytelling, defining them and providing questions and exercises to practice the issues and skills." - Nancy Duncan, storyteller, festival organizer, Omaha, NE (Charter Member)

Then there’s Connie. She teaches storytelling to adults and children in schools and arts centers, even at a theater. She’s always looking for new ways to teach, for new activities and resources for her work:



Connie Dodge
"A fantastic storytelling tool!"
—Connie Dodge , Atlanta, GA

"I play it again and again in the car. I love being able to go to the written text as well when I want to ponder something more deeply. "I use the reference library function extensively in my teaching. It’s wonderful to be able to lift a lovely quote to share with my students. I am more likely to sit down to read or listen to these short monthly selections than I am to wade into one of my many reference books."I love having the choice of reading, listening, and doing the exercises. At different times each thing is the most useful. Congratulations on creating a fantastic storytelling tool!" - Connie Dodge, professional storyteller, Atlanta, GA

The problem I gave up on

As you may know, I offer dozens of weekend (and longer) storytelling workshops every year. People pay up to $895 to travel (sometimes across the country) and join a small group of other storytellers. For three or four days, they form a supportive community. They help each other solve the various problems that storytellers face. With my coaching, each person gets the information, techniques, and feedback they need–and (sometimes) a loving shove in the direction they know they want to pursue but lack the confidence to tackle.

These workshops are effective. That’s why so many people come back year after year. But they only solve part of the problem! Often, people come back the next year saying, "I left the last workshop having leapt a hurdle in my storytelling. But after a few months, I was in a rut again–a new rut, but not growing as quickly as I knew I could!"

Hearing these comments, I always thought to myself, "That’s just how it is. There’s no way to give all of these people a booster-workshop every month!" Boy, was I wrong!

I Didn’t Think I Could Solve This One, But…

The idea came to me one winter: create an interactive, long-distance workshop. Send it out in manageable, bite-size pieces each month. Make it multi-media, so that people have the choice of reading, listening to tapes, and trying out practical activities alone or with others. Make it interactive, so that people have the opportunity to benefit from my coaching as well as from the experience and questions of other workshop members. And make it affordable–starting at only $11.95 a month! That's only $.39 per day!

The first session came out in 2001. Did it succeed? I don’t expect you to take my word for it. Listen to what these members say–all kinds of storytellers, from all walks of life:


Patricia Ridge


"I find the lessons enjoyable, insightful and helpful!"—Jay Held , Professor of Communication, Multnomah Bible College, Portland, OR


"I enjoy the information. It gives me a lot to think about. Altogether, it has focused me in several areas and given me a new, helpful perspective on storytelling." - Robyn Rennick, Tallahasse, FL (Charter Member)


Karen Dietz photo

"Useful in both my business and personal life!"

Karen Dietz, consultant and former Executive Director of the National Storytelling Network
"Excellent! I now tell stories and coach others in storytelling with additional clarity and confidence. The things I’ve learned in only four months are too numerous to mention, and have been useful in both my business and personal life!"–Karen Dietz, consultant, San Diego, CA


gail rosen photo

"I love listening to the tapes!"

—Gail Rosen, Bereavement Facilitator, Pikesville, MD
"You find ways to take complicated concepts, issues and skills and show us how to work through the challenges step by step. The support is solid and comforting (funny word to use, but it seems right). I love listening to the tapes. Thanks." - Gail Rosen, Bereavement Facilitator, Pikesville, MD (Charter Member)

What Goes On In This Workshop

My solution was the Storytelling Workshop in a Box™. Here’s what you get mailed to you every month with your Regular Membership (or available to view on the web or download, in the Online version):

1. An recording–a substantive, in-depth talk about a significant aspect of storytelling. Each recording is approximately 20–30 minutes long–enough to give you plenty to chew on, but short enough to work into your day.

2. Exercises and activities to try out–clear, directed suggestions for how to experience the subject on the tape and put it into practice immediately.

Here’s what you get, free, just for signing up for a regular membership (see below for details):

3. A $10 certificate good on any resource purchase from me over $40. Use it like cash when you order any of my CDs, videos, downloads, books and toolkits!

4. A $10 certificate good for any of my private workshops. Use it in the next year for yourself–or give it to a lucky friend!

5. Private passwords to my web-based Storytelling Workshop in a Box™ Deluxe Edition Website, which includes interactive exercises, a Buddy Board and numerous discussion forums.

6. A 25% discount on ALL single-session tele-seminars. Worth up to $10 on EACH tele-seminar.

In addition, here’s what you get each month with a Deluxe Membership:

9. A complete written transcription of the entire recording.

And when you sign up for a Deluxe Membership, you get (see below for details):

10. A free 3-ring binder, with room for CD storage. Keep your Workshops organized for future reference! (Only for CD format.)

11. A certificate for $10 off any resource purchase above $25.

12. A Brain Picking certificate for a full written response by me to your most pressing storytelling question ($585 value).

13. A Free Coaching certificate for 30 minutes of telephone coaching ($110 value).

14. A 50% discount on ALL single-session tele-seminars. Worth up to $20 on EACH tele-seminar.

15. Free consultations during my call-in hours. Valued at $50 or more EACH time!

That adds up to over $695 - just in free certificates. Not to mention the discounts and call-in hours!


"Useful and efficient - an ongoing reminder to strive for continual improvement in all aspects of interaction with others.

"I use storytelling in my teaching, and the workshop ideas have helped me to improve the quality of the telling. Beyond that, it has increased the attention I pay to all aspects of storytelling. A good work, needed more than ever in the healing of the world."
- Earl S. Steeves, teacher, Hammondsport, NY. (Charter member)

Why Some of You Will Turn Me Down

I felt I owed it to you, those committed to storytelling, to let you know about this innovative concept. As I wrote this letter, I thought, "Why would you refuse this? What could you possibly object to?"

Try as I would, I could only come up with six reasons why you might not believe the Storytelling Workshop in a Box™ to be an absolutely essential part of your ongoing life as a teller or teacher of stories:

Problem #1: Is it hard to cancel?

Personally, I hate signing up for monthly programs. They are always hard to get out of. Usually I have to write my mother’s maiden name spelled backward on a 3x5 card and mail it on a full moon–and even then they still bill me for the danged thing.

My solution for this problem: To cancel at any time, just contact me. In whatever way you prefer. Email, write, call, or fax. Just tell me you want to cancel. That’s all. No questions, no guilt. And keep the free gifts, no matter what–even the free telephone coaching certificate! (Note: if you cancel, you’ll have to stop using the private bulletin boards and email discussion group. They really are only for active members.)

Problem #2: Is it really interactive?

"Wait a minute," you say. "A real workshop is face-to-face. How can a long-distance workshop allow me to learn from other storytellers? How will I get feedback from you?"

Well, I have to admit you’re right about this. No long-distance program can ever give you the sights and sounds of an in-person workshop. No recording–even combined with written materials, electronic interaction, and telephone coaching–can ever match the magic of being behind those closed doors at a private workshop.

But I think you’ll agree I’ve found eight ways to give you the next best thing:

1. I welcome your feedback, problems and success stories. I will incorporate them into future sessions.

2. If you sign up for a Deluxe Membership, I include a free "Brain Picking" Certificate. Just write or email me your most pressing storytelling problem–the place you get stuck or just need personalized information–and I’ll give you a written answer!

3. With a Deluxe Membership, I also include a free Telephone Coaching Certificate. This entitles you to thirty minutes of free, one-on-one coaching with me–just like an in-person workshop.

That’s three powerful forms of interactivity. But I admit that isn’t really as much as you deserve. So, to make the Storytelling Workshop in a Box™ even more powerful, I’ve added these opportunities for interaction:

4. A private password to my web-based bulletin board, just for Workshop in a Box members. Bring up topics, ask your questions, tell your experiences (the disasters and the flabbergasters, the debris and the victory), and read and reply to what others have posted. Unlike the up-to-the-minute immediacy of the email list, these conversations will always be archived and threaded–so it’s easy to find just the topic you want to read about or contribute to.

5. A private password to the new "Story-Buddy Board" on my web site (just for Workshop in a Box members and select others) where you can look for rehearsal buddies and coaching partners–either in your geographic area or who want to work together via telephone. End your artistic isolation by finding others to listen to you as you tell and develop stories!

6. Notification of the members-only Call-In Hours. Only for Deluxe Members, these are quarterly sessions when you can call me for free (you pay only for any long-distance charges) and get 10-20 minutes of my time–depending on the number of callers–to ask that pressing question or run by me a bit of a story.

7. Deep discounts on any upcoming single-session tele-seminars. These will be one-hour workshops via conference call. I’ll present some information about a pre-announced topic, then answer your questions. You’ll actually get to hear each other’s voices and get answers in real time! As a Member of the Workshop in a Box, you’ll get a substantial discount on these unique experiences. (Deluxe Members, of course, will receive even greater discounts.)


Patricia Ridge


Patricia Ridge, Northern Illinois University

"I love it and think it’s a brilliant idea! It is fun to receive the package each month, it’s like opening a Christmas present. You don’t know what it will contain and then you open it and you just love what you have received."The material is comprehensive. I integrate it into my teaching and into my personal storytelling. I will use the exercises in my storytelling class starting in January."–Patricia Ridge, Ph.D., Director of Comprehensive Studies & Head of Performance, Northern Illinois University, School of Theatre & Dance

Problem #3: I won’t get around to all those CDs (or mp3 files).

I understand this problem. I don’t subscribe to the newspaper, because I hate to see all those un-read papers lying around my house. And besides, I get most of my news from listening to the radio as I drive.

But the Workshop in a Box is designed to be used the way YOU want to use it. You can listen to the tapes in the car, as you walk, or as you exercise. (Need CDs instead of tapes? See below!) Or you can ignore the tapes and go straight to the activities, which are included in written form. With a Deluxe Membership, you can even read complete written transcriptions of the tapes–or scan them as a quick way to review the lessons. "Read, listen or do–whichever works for you!"

Beyond that, I’ve designed the Storytelling Workshop in a Box™ to serve as a permanent reference library. Over time, you will collect an invaluable trove of information that is not available anywhere else. When you need it–to solve a future storytelling problem, to teach others, or to re-visit a session for even greater depth of learning–it will be there!

Problem #4: I have lots of expenses. I’m short of money.

First of all, I have priced the Storytelling Workshop in a Box™ so low, it’s almost ridiculous. At only $14.95 for a Regular Membership or $19.95 for a Deluxe (plus $5.85 shipping and handling in the U.S. for either version; $9.85 Canada; $13.85 outside U.S. & Canada), I’ve made this the cheapest kind of workshop you can ever find. Compared to as much as $895 for an in-person workshop, each session of the Workshop in a Box is an incredible bargain. Regular membership is just $.68 per day. And Deluxe - with complete transcriptions, free coaching, and all its 15 advantages - is just $.85 a day!

Still too expensive? Now you can join the Online version for only $11.95 (Regular edition) or $16.96 (Deluxe edition). No shipping charges! More details.

Do you have storytelling fans on your gift list? How about family members who might just enjoy a storytelling tape? Use the free discount coupons to save on gifts for them! If you can’t get to an in-person workshop yourself in the next year, give the workshop certificate to a friend – they’ll thank you for the rest of your life!

And if you happen to really love a devoted storyteller, the Storytelling Workshop in a Box is the one instructional opportunity you can give with confidence, not needing to worry if the dates are convenient. With this "workshop," the dates are always convenient. And the gift keeps giving all year!

Price List

Storytelling Workshop in a Box prices include
Choose monthly or complete, and the format that works best for you:
  Regular Deluxe Regular Deluxe
CD (plus notebook for deluxe) $19.95 plus shipping1 $24.95 plus shipping2 (not available) $681.75 plus shipping4
USB Bracelet (not available) (not available) (not available) $427 plus shipping6
Online $11.95 $16.95 (not available) $395

Shipping rates for the U.S. as of May 5, 2011 (international rates are available and depend on your country; please notice during the check-out process):

1$6.85 per month
2$8.85 the first month, then $6.85 each additional month
There is no shipping, of course, for the Online format.

Problem #5: I want 24-7 access from my computer.

Save even more! If you order the Online version - either Regular or Deluxe - you save an additional $3 per month—plus, you pay no shipping charges!

Now you can access your files any time, from any internet-connected computer in the world. Never worry about misplacing your Workshop in a Box!

Listen and read online, or download and read at your leisure. You can even burn CD's of the recordings, if you want.

Problem #6: What if I don’t like it?

If, after listening to any three of the sessions, you are not convinced that the Storytelling Workshop in a Box™ is an indispensible part of your storytelling life–if you don't find that it motivates, informs, and enlightens you as a teller of stories–then just return it for a full refund. No hassles. You have been a valuable part of my professional community. I don’t want you unhappy. I guarantee this unique product unconditionally!


Rabbi Steve Vale

"So rich!"

Rabbi Steve Vale, Congregation Ha-Makom, Vacaville, CA

"I have listened to all of the first 8 Storytelling Workshop in a Box issues multiple times now.  I have taken notes on some of them, discussed them with my wife, my story buddy Big Tim Mautz, and at the Napa Storytelling Guild story swap. This material is just so rich, that one does not know where to begin in talking about it!."–Rabbi Steve Vale, rabbi, musician, and storyteller, Vacaville, CA


Do you really want to miss these sessions?

The Starter Kit sessions of the Storytelling Workshop in a Box™ cover basic and advanced topics like these:

  1. The hidden 50% of storytelling: secrets of listening
  2. What do they expect: navigating through your listeners’ unspoken expectations
  3. The easiest way to learn a story. (Do you know what it is?)
  4. Storytelling as a dangerous adventure. (Don’t let them fool you. Storytelling is powerful - and sometimes frightening. Be ready!)
  5. The "most important thing"–a tool for shaping, creating, and telling
  6. The art of appreciations: how to speed up your development–of stories, and as a storyteller.

The remaining sessions—most of which build on concepts introduced in the Starte Kit—give unique perspectives on these issues:

  1. Unlocking the power of oral language
  2. How to be at your peak with a story in time to tell it - without wasting effort or worry.
  3. The art of making suggestions - and how to train your helpers to give you the helpful prodding you need
  4. Is storytelling irrational and based solely on feelings? Learn how storytelling is actually a form of thinking - and the implications for learning and telling
  5. Using your body and voice for characterization
  6. How to be clear about what storytelling is - and when and how to stretch the limits of the art form.
  7. How do you find or create a story from a concept? In other words, how can you start with a topic and end up with a story on it?
  8. How do you find your own style? How do you identify what unique strengths you have, and then offer them through your stories?
  9. The key skill in storytelling is imagining. The more effectively you imagine what you are telling, the more impact your telling can have. What techniques can help you imagine more fully? How do you imagine with all your senses? How do you transform your own internal imagery to give it more richness and power?
  10. Often, problems with your storytelling don't stem from your choice of story, your technique in telling, or your preparation. Instead, they arise directly from a confusion about your role with respect to your listeners. How do you create clarity and avoid disappointment, no matter how convoluted the circumstances?
  11. Storytelling, like all performance arts, requires you to "be present" in the moment of telling, actively gauging and responding to your listeners. What can you do, to reliably "enter the flow" that leads to your best telling?
  12. It's common for workshop leaders to give storytellers a series of steps they can follow to choose a story. Learn why this is an illusion - and an approach that will pay off in the long run - by saving misdirected effort and producing a more effective result.
  13. You've probably heard the writer's and actor's adage, "Show it, don't tell it." But how does that apply to storytelling? Contrary to what you may have been told, both "showing" an actual event and "telling" about it have their place. Learn to use this continuum of ways to present information to streamline your exposition and make the "background" as interesting as the main plot of your story.
  14. Many stumbling blocks storytellers face can be removed by the judicious use of other people - of helpers. Sure, we've all used so-called helpers who were more trouble than they're worth. But, with a little careful delimiting of helping relationships, you can learn to maximize the value of your helpers. Learn to use helpers for learning stories, processing emotions, keeping projects on track, and more - even to help you "get to" the tasks you really have to do yourself. Learn clear guidelines for getting helpers, nurturing beginning helping relationships - and more!
  15. Learn to fine-tune your characters by harnessing the hidden powers of oral language. Learn the powerful concept of "meta-messages" and how to use it to convey your characters' intentions, make them recognizable and consistent, and portray their transformations convincingly. Learn the four most useful postural qualities that indicate character, the three key ways you can define how a character talks, and the important difference between characterization that is consistent and that which is congruent.
  16. Do you have storytelling talent? Before you try to answer, learn the hidden biases in the question that steer us away from the true strength of our art. Learn the single most important question to ask yourself as you try to develop your abilities, and the 10 abilities that, together, account for nearly all masterful telling. Learn the reasons why our society believes in "talent" and why that belief is destructive to your art!
  17. The moral of the story? When should you state what a story means? Never? Always? What are you choices short of bald statements? Learn to be artful in using a spectrum of possible ways to suggest meaning. Learn the three "dimensions" that add to your ability to point your listeners in the direction you intend, without unduly depriving your listeners of the opprotunity to discover personal meanings for themselves.
  18. Can you entrance your listeners? Learn how to know when and how to stimulate your listeners to "lean back" into the storylistening trance, and when and how to get them leaning forward, "on the edge of their seats." Learn the six key techniques for entrancing your listeners, the six other techniques for involving them in "leaning forward," how to take care of an audience you have entranced, and ways to create a balance in a storytelling program between these two modes of listening.
  19. How to Integrate Your Emotions Into Your Storytelling, part 1.
  20. How to Integrate Your Emotions Into Your Storytelling, part 2.
  21. How to Elicit Stories from Others.
  22. How to Show Transformation in a Story.
  23. How Am I Doing? Evaluating Your Storytelling.
  24. How to Make a Scene Dramatic.
  25. Storytelling Obstacles and How to Overcome Them—Part 1
  26. Making Your Story Fresh and Alive.
  27. Overcoming Obstacles, Part 2: The Categories of Obstacles
  28. Should You Use Other Art Forms with Your Storytelling?
  29. How to Guide Your Audience: the stages of a relationship-based performance
  30. How to Improve Your Storytelling: the essential for long-term growth.
  31. The Storytelling Table: Supporting You Wherever You Need Help

Where else could you learn all this?

I’ve been telling stories since 1970. I’ve been navigating the icy waters of self-employment since 1971. I’ve been coaching storytellers professionally since the mid-70s. I’ve performed at the National Storytelling Festival twice, offered workshops at nearly a dozen National Storytelling Conferences, and traveled as far as New Zealand and Switzerland performing and giving workshops. I’ve coached scores of professional storytellers. I’ve taught storytelling to hundreds–if not thousands–of professionals in other fields…from nurses and therapists to lawyers and oil company executives.

I’ve had four books published, nearly 20 audio recordings, and two instructional videos. I’ve won awards and been chosen for numerous blue-ribbon committees, from consulting for the International Storytelling Center and the non-profit Center for Creative Leadership to the jury for the Parents Choice Awards.

More than that, I’ve been deeply committed to the storytelling revival. I helped start storytelling conferences, festivals, performance series, and sharing groups. I’ve been a board member of national storytelling organizations for the last five years.

But I’m not satisfied. I want the storytelling movement to thrive. I know that some people will jump on storytelling as a fad, profiting from it when it’s easy and abandoning it as soon as the going gets rough. Yet I know you are out there: the folks who care about storytelling as an art and a professional tool, as a public expression and as an intimate way to communicate with your family. When the "me too" storytellers have jumped ship, the rest of us will be left. And I want you, my partners in this movement, to be strong. I want you to be well-informed. I want you to thrive. I want you to have the help you need, in order to bring the light of story into this troubled world.

The best way I know (so far!) to help the largest number of you is through the Storytelling Workshop in a Box™. If you want to take advantage of this tool, which draws on my thirty years of experience and activism in the field, order today!

If you prefer, you can fax me or mail me. Or you can leave the information on the protected mailbox of my toll-free voice mail.

Where else could you get any workshop for as little as $.39 a day? Where else can you get comprehensive help without leaving home? Not to mention the services of the coach who "wrote the book" (literally!) on storytelling coaching?


Gail Rosen photo
"Impresses me…with his clarity, depth, and respect for his listeners"
—Gail Rosen, Pikesville, MD

I think I've been working with Doug for well over 10 years now, and I am still amazed at the way he grows his own work. How Doug addresses us in this "workshop" recording impresses me yet again with his clarity, depth, and respect for his listeners. Brilliant.

Hope you all subscribe...! - Gail Rosen, storyteller, Pikesville, MD

Don’t miss this chance. The Storytelling Workshop in a Box™ is something inexpensive–and essential–that you can give the artist in you. Why miss it?

Yours in storytelling,

doug_sig picture


Marni Gillard photo

They have been of great value to me as I continue to build layers of understanding about storytelling and all it can do for us as human beings. - Marni Gillard, Schenectady, NY

P.S., I guarantee the Storytelling Workshop in a Box™ unconditionally. Cancel at any time! Listen to any three tapes and, if you’re not convinced this is the best, most useful tool for advancing your storytelling, return everything for a full refund. And keep all $349.95 worth of the free coupons–even the Brain Picking ($390 value) and Free Coaching ($195 value) certificates!

Here’s how to get all the member benefits and keep your storytelling moving:

1. Fax your information to (206) 202-7719, anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. Call my office 781-837-1940.

3. Order on my secure web server,



Doug Lipman

152 Wenonah Road, Longmeadow, MA 01106 U.S.A.
Phone: (781) 837-1940
Alternate Phone (rings the same line): (413) 754-6728
Fax (toll-free): (888) 300-6665

This page was last updated on October 4, 2007 Copyright©2001-2006 Doug Lipman