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"Excellent! I now tell stories and coach others in storytelling with additional clarity and confidence. The things I’ve learned in only four months are too numerous to mention, and have been useful in both my business and personal life!"–Karen Dietz, consultant (and now director of the National Storytelling Network, Jonesborough, TN

Online Version

Of the Storytelling Workshop In a Box

You can order this item via my on-line order form

  You can hear an audio sample online, too!

Get the convenience of online access and monthly savings!

If you've been curious about the Storytelling Workshop in a Box but have worried about the expense, this may be the best time ever to join.

You may be like the hundreds of others who have already joined:

  • You care about your storytelling and want to improve.
  • You don't just want "standard textbook" information; you want the same insightful perspective that I offer to top performing storytellers, high-ranking executives, and others from many fields - in my intensive, in-person workshops.
  • You want the ability to listen to each session ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE - and to listen multiple times for maximum learning.
  • You want more than just reading or listening; you want the monthly, participatory exercises to try out by yourself or with someone else.
  • You want the ongoing stimulus of new topics coming to you each month. In other words, you want the improvement of your storytelling to be a regular part of your life.

If so, you're a prime candidate for membership in the Storytelling Workshop in a Box. But why join now? That's easy. Because you can have even greater convenience than before, and save more money than ever.


"I love it and think it’s a brilliant idea! It is fun to receive the package each month, it’s like opening a Christmas present. You don’t know what it will contain and then you open it and you just love what you have received.

"The material is comprehensive. I integrate it into my teaching and into my personal storytelling. I will use the exercises in my storytelling class starting in January."–Patricia Ridge, Ph.D., Director of Comprehensive Studies & Head of Performance, Northern Illinois University, School of Theatre & Dance

I have just created the Online version of this monthly participatory workshop. At last, you can participate completely through the web. No shipping fees. No worrying about missing the monthly delivery. No more searching through your back issues, hoping you can find the session on how to learn a story, or the one on creating compelling characters.

You see, with the Online version, you get all your issues from the web. Every month, you'll receive an email notifying you that your new issue is available. Even better, all your back issues will be there for you to access - twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week - as long as you remain a member. Read, listen, or download them from home - or from a computer anywhere in the world.

Want to have "hard copies"? You can print the exercises and transcriptions directly from the web. Or you can easily download them and print them later. You can listen to the recordings easily while online - or you can download the recordings, listen to them later, or even burn them to CD for your permanent archive. You choose!

Want even more from your online storytelling education? As a member, you receive free admission to the private online bulletin board, the Workshop in a Box Members Forum. Read articles, pose questions, find story buddies, and more—all at no extra charge.

The Online version not only offers you these conveniences, it will also save you at least $8.85 per month. (If you live outside the U.S., you'll save even more in shipping fees.)

For example, the Regular edition has previously cost $14.95 plus shipping and handling costs of at least $5.85 - for a total of at least $20.80 per month. But the Online Regular version is only $11.95 per month! That's a savings of 42%!

For less than the cost of one Starbucks a week, you can have the best, most up-to-date storytelling instruction available anywhere in the world.

As if that weren't savings enough, you can also take advantage of the Starter Kit special: if you register for the Online version, you can also receive the Starter Kit of the first 6 issues for half-price!

It's easy to sign up online. It's easy to cancel later at any time. And I fully guarantee that you will be completely satisfied, or I'll refund every penny!

To save at least $8.95 a month and get the Deluxe Edition Starter Kit at half price, register now.

Yours in Storytelling,


"I play it again and again in the car. I love being able to go to the written text as well when I want to ponder something more deeply.

"I use the reference library function extensively in my teaching. It’s wonderful to be able to lift a lovely quote to share with my students. I am more likely to sit down to read or listen to these short monthly selections than I am to wade into one of my many reference books.

"I love having the choice of reading, listening, and doing the exercises. At different times each thing is the most useful. Congratulations on creating a fantastic storytelling tool!" - Connie Dodge, professional storyteller, Atlanta, GA




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