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They have been of great value to me as I continue to build layers of understanding about storytelling and all it can do for us as human beings. - Marni Gillard, Schenectady, NY

Listen to a Free Audio Sample

Of the Storytelling Workshop In a Box

If you have a dial-up connection to the internet, listen to this version of the sample (224K):

(click the "play" triangle, above, to start. Or click here.)

If you have a broadband (e.g., DSL or cable) connection to the internet, listen to this version of the sample (440K):

(click the "play" triangle, above, to start. Or click here.)

What you are hearing is the first 1:47 (one minute, forty-seven seconds) of a 23:45 recording that gives you the detailed information you need —in order to make your own best decisions about when and how to "show" us a scene in a story, and when and how to "tell" us about it.

Like all sessions of the Storytelling Workshop in a Box™, this session includes much more than the recording: written exercises that guide you in applying the techniques and principles you have just learned; a full transcription of the recording, for easy reference, note-taking, and review. (The transcription is available only with the Deluxe membership.)

Further, your Deluxe membership includes 12 more benefits (worth over $350) to give you the well-rounded education in storytelling that you need—and deserve.

(You can order this item via my on-line order form in one of two ways:

  1. Become a monthly member OR
  2. Order the complete collection
Or you can fax or mail a Printable Order Form!)
I think I've been working with Doug for well over 10 years now, and I am still amazed at the way he grows his own work. How Doug addresses us in this "workshop" tape impresses me yet again with his clarity, depth, and respect for his listeners. Brilliant.

Hope you all subscribe...! - Gail Rosen, storyteller, Pikesville, MD

Join now via my secure order form; your storytelling deserves it, and you can stop at any time, for any reason. The Storytelling Workshop in a Box™ is something inexpensive–and essential–that you can give the artist in you. Why miss it?

Yours in storytelling,

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