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The Image Riding Toolkit™

by Doug Lipman

IRON-CLAD GUARANTEE: If you don't find that this toolkit gives you an easy, dependable way to create wonderful stories, I'll refund every cent of the price.

Do you want to learn this process for creating all the stories you could ever need? This Toolkit will teach you the entire Image Riding process—and you'll be able to review and refer to it for years to come.

I recorded my best Image Riding™ workshop, and then worked for months to create a complete toolkit for teaching you this technique at home. You have the choice between buying it all at once or in 22 monthly lessons.

Gene Toncray photo

"Helped me…and my school kids"

"Excellent! Helped me see more clearly the images of the stories I tell and helped my school kids with their imaging — which will help with their writing. Gave me more confidence in my imaging during telling and my abilities to convey those images to others."—Gene Toncray, Fort Myers, FL

And now the monthly lessons are available in the most economical form: online, for brosing on your computer or downloading to paper and CD.

"I learned that there is a part of my mind that knows how to effortlessly create suprising and delightful stories and I learned how to access it. I'm enjoying continuing to discover more about this part of myself and what it can create. I'm actually enjoying listening to the tapes of my sessions and hearing the expression in my voice and my delight at discovering the images."—Nancy Ibsen, Redmond, WA

Here's some of what you'll learn:

  • The six big obstacles to accessing your story creativity - and how to overcome each one.
  • The five Rules of Image Riding - and how to apply them in a way that works for you.
  • How to use telephone partners to keep you on track.
  • How you can set an intention, so that your Image Riding session will lead you in your desired direction.
  • Many more details and techniques to allow you to access your innate creativity whenever you need to.

Suzie Shaeffer photo

"A tremendous impact...feeling refreshed and energized."

"The workshop has had a tremendous impact on me personally and on my work routines. Every day now includes at least one imaging session: most of them are 5 to 20-minute self-recorded sessions (sometimes several in one day), and at least once a week (every Wednesday, so far) there's a 30-minutes-apiece marathon with my “imaging buddies.”

In addition, the sessions function as periods of medication: I “return” from them feeling refreshed and energized."Suzie Shaeffer, Ormond Beach, FL

You will receive hours of recordings (13 full CD's in the complete binder or all-disk versions, or divided into 22 lessons in other versions!) of my talks during the three-and-a-half day workshop, including:

  • All the information you need to understand this process.
  • The background and history of this process, including its use by well-known authors, inventors, and theoretical scientists!
  • All my explanations of the obstacles you are likely to face, and the ways to circumvent them.
  • All the stories I tell to elucidate the process.
  • My instructions for each exercise, leading you step-by-step through the process.
  • Questions and answers with the workshop participants, as you learn from my alternative explanations and personalized responses.

Joyce Nelson with Charley

"I am so utterly amazed and delighted!"—Joyce Nelson, Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention Unit, Golden, CO

"The workshop had tremendous impact on me. Since then, I've based a new story on a true-life episode, and used imaging to just about create the whole thing. Transcribing the tapes helps me to remember and organize. I am so utterly amazed and delighted with this process!"—Joyce Nelson, Golden, CO

In addition, the Regular Edition of the Toolkit contains these essential aids to help you learn the process easily and quickly:

  • Complete written instructions for each exercise.
  • Special hints and comments, to help you succeed at each one.
  • My diagrams of the process and the obstacles to it.
  • A full-color 8.5"x11" poster of the 5 Rules.
  • A laminated Pocket Image-Riding Guide.
  • Access to the special member-only web site and forums, which includes the Buddy Board (for finding Image Riding and coaching buddies), Member Announcements, copies of the written handouts, places to post and read questions and answers about the process as well as member experiences with each of the exercises, etc.
"I was asked by one of my co-workers to provide a program for our local grade school (Grades 1-8)… Before the Image Riding workshop it would have taken me several days of practice to get prepared to do the performance after not telling for so long.  As a result of your workshop,  I spent very little time preparing in my traditional way...I spent a couple hours in preparation and the performance was a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing your process!"—Dick Rumpf, Estill Springs, TN

The Deluxe Edition members get all of the above, plus over $325 in bonuses and features:

  • A special 3-ring binder to store your exercises, transcriptions, and even special pages for your CDs ($25 value). Note: in the Complete Version, binder version, Regular members receive this, too.
  • Transcriptions of the lessons and bonus calls ($100 value; over 250 pages in all)
  • A discount certificate worth $75 off any product or online course on my store
  • A certificate worth one individual, 30-minute, telephone coaching call with me ($125 value).

Note: The easy to read transcriptions of all the recordings (available in the Deluxe editions) will allow you to learn faster and retain more, as well as make it easier to return to a key passage later.

"Doug Lipman's course on Image Riding completely transformed my ability to create stories.

I used Image Riding extensively in creating the stories in my book, The Ravenous Gown (and 14 More Tales About Real Beauty), published by Familius.

I feel like the stories I create using Image Riding communicate inspiring ideas more effectively because they come from an authentic desire inside me to uplift and entertain."—Steffani Raff, Saratoga Springs, UT

Steffani Raff, storyteller and writer (photo by Kevin Raff)

"Image Riding...helps me communicate inspiring ideas more effectively"


Your Choice of Editions

To suit your needs and budget, I offer you the Image Riding Toolkit in several forms. Here is a summary of the forms and what they each cost:

Image Riding Online Format include
Choose monthly or complete, and the format that works best for you:
  Regular Deluxe Regular Deluxe
Binder, CD, etc. $24.95 plus shipping1 $31.95 plus shipping2 $494 plus shipping3 $591 plus shipping4
All-Disk (not available) (not available) $444 plus shipping5

$491 plus shipping5

USB Bracelet (new!) (not available) (not available) $427 plus shipping6 $477 plus shipping6
Online $16.95 $21.95 $397 $444 (best buy)


Shipping rates for the U.S. as of May 5, 2011 (international rates are available and depend on your country; please notice during the check-out process):

1$6.85 per month
2$8.85 the first month, then $6.85 each additional month

There is no shipping, of course, for the Online format.

"The results of the workshop, for me, are so dynamic I am still reveling in the barrage of insights coming to the the surface of my consciousness. Anyone and everyone can benefit from it. I believe, as Einstein stated that 'Imagination is greater than knowledge.' Your workshop gives one the tools needed to enrich and enhance the imagination to such an extent that basic knowledge is expanded, and a world of options readily become available."—Lynn Rogers, Jacksonville, FL

I fully stand behind this Toolkit. If it doesn't do everything I claim, just return it for a full refund. It's that simple!

Robin Schulte in performance

"We have listened amazing things out of one another!"Robin Schulte,

"I am already using the ideas from the workshop in my creative life. I have set aside guilt-free time once a week to focus on imaging and creating. These weekly Imagemaker Sessions have become a time for me and my image-partners to listen and support one another on our individual, creative journeys. We have listened amazing things out of one another."—Robin Schulte, Orlando, FL

Order Now! You can get the complete version:

Click this button to order the Image Riding Toolkit, Complete Version

or the monthly version.

Click on this button to go to the catalog page for the Monthly Image Riding Toolkit

You can register online, or via phone, fax, or mail. With a 100% money-back, hassle-free guarantee, you can't lose!

Terry Deer photo


"I came as a skeptic, not doubting the process or your ability to teach it, but my own ability to receive and put the technique to use. It has been enlightening to view the results; I'm beginning to suspect that something I thought of as a simple, fairly derivative story idea might expand into a novel! I think the workshop has made me a happier person!"Terry Deer, Port Orange, FL
Yours in storytelling and creativity,

Doug LIpman's signature

Doug Lipman

P.S.#1: You can listen to the Introduction to the complete version of the Toolkit free (download it or listen to it on the web).

P.S. #2: Don't postpone this sea-change in your creativity. Order now:

You will use this process for the rest of your life!

I accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

"I found my way to my source of images! I believe the availability of these images will help my future plans to write, as well as brighten my days. Since the workshop, I have felt lifted up and joyous about life."—Kate Harris, Atlanta, GA

Kevin Gordon photo"I came a way with a strong sense of appreciation for each individual's story as it relates to them personally and what they value inside.

"This is a powerful message to get - That my story is special and that I have the strength to tell it! In addition...I took away a practical means for understanding and working between images and words." - Kevin Gordon, World Tales, New York, NY

Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi photoDoug,
Just a quick note to let you know the profound influence your "Image-Riding" workshop has had on my work. I recently finished writing a book entitled Wisdom in the Telling: Finding Inspiration and Grace in Traditional Folktales and Myths Retold (believe me, that title was not my idea!)

Your image-riding technique was instrumental in freeing my imagination and giving me what I needed to write the book. It was a remarkable experience and has moved my storytelling to a deeper and much richer level. I can't thank you enough. (FYI, you are mentioned in the Acknowledgements of the book.)

Thanks for your dedication and expertise,
       Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi

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