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"I found my way to my source of images! I believe the availability of these images will help my future plans to write, as well as brighten my days. Since the workshop, I have felt lifted up and joyous about life."—Kate Harris, Atlanta, GA

Listen to an Audio Sample:

The Introduction to the Image Riding Toolkit (27 minutes!)

If you have a dial-up connection to the internet, listen to this version of the sample (3.1MB):
(click the "play" triangle, above, to start.
Depending on your computer, you may see two "play triangles." Either should work.
Or click here.)

Or download the sample here.

If you have a broadband (e.g., DSL or cable) connection to the internet, listen to this version of the sample (6.2MB):
(click the "play" triangle, above, to start.
Depending on your computer, you may see two "play triangles." Either should work.
Or click here.)

Or download the sample here.

What you are hearing is the first session—out of a total of 13 recordings in the Image Riding Toolkit. The other sessions are longer, ranging from sixty to seventy-five minutes. This introductory session describes the Toolkit in detail, including:

  • What you can use this Toolkit to accomplish;
  • The over twenty items it includes;
  • The one key quality you'll need, in order to learn this material quickly;
  • The four things not to do right away when you get this kit;
  • The one thing you'll need to make the best use of this toolkit, that is not included;
  • The two key reasons why this natural process is not more widely known;
  • The various forms of online and telephone help that come with this Toolkit;
  • How long you can expect to take, to learn this process;
  • The essential capability needed to create an endless stream of stories—that you already possess.

This recording will help you understand what this kit is, why you might want to learn to Image Ride™, and how the Toolkit can help you gain this invaluable life skill.

I offer it freely* as an introduction to this work. My mission is to help spread the transformational power of storytelling. The ability to tap into your unconscious creative powers is one of the essential pillars of storytelling.

*I require, however, that you do not publish this recording, post it on any website, etc. This is copyrighted material. You may make a CD or cassette copy for your own use.

(You can order the Image Riding Toolkit™ via my on-line order form.)

Order Now—100% Guaranteed

Order the Image Riding Toolkit at no risk to you. If you don't find that this toolkit gives you a new channel to your innate creativity, just return it for a full refund.

For an invaluable skill and all twenty-plus items in this kit, the price of $495 is a bargain. But I know it's hard to spend that much, if you're afraid the product won't produce. That's why I'm offering this iron-clad guarantee. The more people who try this process, the more storytelling will thrive—and that's good for all of us.

"I came as a skeptic, not doubting the process or your ability to teach it, but my own ability to receive and put the technique to use. It has been enlightening to view the results; I'm beginning to suspect that something I thought of as a simple, fairly derivative story idea might expand into a novel! I think the workshop has made me a happier person!"—Terry Deer, Port Orange, FL

Order now via my secure order form; your storytelling deserves it. Through the Image Riding Toolkit™, you have a chance to learn a skill that will benefit you the rest of your life. Why miss it?

Yours in storytelling,

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