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Join the HealingStory email discussion group

The Healing Arts Special Interest Group (HASIG) of the National Storytelling Network ( is happy to announce the HealingStory email discussion group.

The Healingstory Email Discussion Group is an electronic mailing list that provides opportunities for Internet users to participate in discussions and share information on storytelling as a healing art.

The purpose of the healingstory email discussion group is:

  • to provide a forum to explore and promote the use of storytelling in healing.
  • to encourage intelligent interdisciplinary dialogue on the healing aspect of story work.
  • to inform and inspire those wishing to learn more about story and storytelling within the healing arts
  • to explore controversial issues related to storytelling and healing
  • to share information which describes ongoing individual, grass roots, national, and international projects utilizing storytelling as a healing art.

What topics are appropriate for this list?

  • questions or observations on the practice of storytelling in the healing arts.
  • an exchange of first hand reports on story work "in the field"--mistakes as well as successes
  • helps or obstacles which have been encountered in your use of story as a healing art.
  • personal narratives about storytelling and its effects on individual healing.
  • feedback on pertinent workshops
  • discussion of articles and books related to healing and story
  • discussion of other disciplines, such as art, dance, and therapy when used in conjunction with story as a healing art.
  • announcements of seminars, retreats or workshops on storytelling and other related subjects.
  • Commercial messages, when related to the subject of the list, are not banned from this list, but must be reviewed and approved by the list owners before they are posted.

How Does the List Work?

When you subscribe (see details below) to the healingstory email discussion group, your name and e-mail is automatically added to the members list. You will receive a letter of welcome from the healingstory site (via e-mail) telling you about the purpose and how to participate on the list. You will receive in your e-mail box all the posts from other members and their comments pertaining to the topic of storytelling in healing arts.

Only members who subscribe to the healingstory email discussion group can participate in the discussion by sending (posting) their comments and/or questions to the email list. When you send your response to the list all the other members of the list will receive your email. However, you also have the option to send your email to the individual member and not have it posted.

Once you join you can signoff (unsubscribe) from the list at any time.

How to Join

If you are interested in joining the discussion you can subscribe to the discussion group by sending an email to: in the body of the message:

subscribe healingstory firstname lastname
You can leave the subject line blank.

You can also join the healingstory list by going to:

If you have any questions send email to: .



Doug Lipman

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Phone: (781) 837-1940
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This page was last updated on Friday, November 28, 2003