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Links to Other Websites

Here you'll find:

See also my page of Favorite Things.


Here are some web sites that include or link to a number of storytelling resources:

  • Telling Stories to Children is a site devoted to the annual workshop of the same name. Judith Black has offered this workshop every year for the last dozen or so years in her home in the historic seaport town of Marblehead, MA. It's the only workshop that I know of that includes:
    • instruction from an expert in the genre
    • individualized coaching at the workshop site AND
    • a chance to try out a story with children in a typical, but not-too-demanding situation
    Read the full descriptions of what happens during four days in Marblehead, who should come, and much more.
  • starflamebutton picture The Hasidic Stories Home Page ( provides articles, a bibliography, texts of a few Hasidic stories, opportunities to add your own favorite Hasidic stories and experiences with Hasidic stories, and "Hasidic Stories: an Annotated Internet Guide."

    Plus - you can now sign up for the free, monthly Hasidic Messenger newsletter - which sends you the featured story or article each month, via email. If you prefer, get the Hasidic Update, which just sends you a notice that a new story has been posted, along with a description of it.

  • Tim Sheppard maintains the Storytelling FAQ, which is ostensibly the Frequently Asked Questions file for the not-so-useful newsgroup, alt.arts.storytelling. In fact, it is a brief introduction to storytelling and storytellers. It has listings of internet resources, organizations, books and magazines, and more.

  • Heather Forest, one of the giants of the storytelling revival, has assembled an impressive site, especially strong on storytelling for the classroom.

  • The Children's Literature Web Guide includes resources for storytellers as well as book-oriented links.

  • Eldrbarry's Storytelling Home Page has a nice list of links, as well as some articles--strongest on campfire and church telling--not available elsewhere, to my knowledge.


Here are other sites I think you'll find interesting and useful.

Marni Gillard is a storyteller, teacher, and author. Her web site is on my server.

Pam McGrath's website, formerly on, now has its own domain name:

Jay O'Callahan's web site,, includes articles by Jay and reviews of his work, as well as his books, recordings, and upcoming appearances.

Linda Whiteside is a bilingual storyteller in California. She tells tales in English and Spanish.

The web site of the pioneering and influential storyteller Diane Wolkstein is lovingly designed and fabulously written by her friend and fan Phillip David Morgan.

Here's a useful site that I read about in the local Tulsa newspaper: Radical Reference was formed by a group of volunteer librarians who make their reference service available to those who value social justice and equality.

Finally, a site devoted to memories of my beloved cousin, Roger Fox, a civil rights activist, who died Christmas Day, 2006.



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