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Storytelling Resources

by Doug Lipman

See also my additional links page and my page of "My Favorite Things".

Table of Contents:

Internet Resources for Storytellers
Email discussion groups
Email and Web Services for Storytellers
Low-Cost Professional Web Server
Storytelling Organizations
Storytelling Links
The Storytelling Ring
The Hasidic Stories Home Page.


Internet Resources for Storytellers

1. Email discussion groups

The email mailing list, STORYTELL provides ongoing discussions of many topics of interest to storytellers.

Another storytelling email list is the healingstory list, run by the Healing Arts Special Interest Group of the National Storytelling Network.

See also the Special Interest Groups at the National Storytelling Network (described below).

2. Email and Web Services for Storytellers

Want an email (and Web) address that doesn't change even if you change your Internet service provider? Try ForeverMail, which provides a permanent "forwarding service." You can email them at .

Or get your own web page ( and a permanent forwarding address (yourname @ at This service is an "exchange" service - you can pay $15 per year or contribute an article, interview, etc.

Better yet, get your own domain name, and an account that gives you your own mailbox. Then your permanent email address can be like mine (" "): "yourname@yourbusinessname." Or like Jay O'Callahan's: " ." If you go one step further and have unlimited email aliases, you can set up trackable email names for all your ads, email campaigns, etc. Thus, I know that any replies I get to " " come from my ad in the Utne Reader. But the replies go to my regular email address, so there's no extra work in getting them!

Low-Cost Professional Web Server

Are you serious about the professional image of your web site? I'm leasing out a very few true virtual domains on my web server. This means that you can have your own domain ( for a very low monthly fee. This is not a "starter acount" like you'll see advertised at "loss-leader" prices. This is a full, professional server, with all the capabilities of my own sites. (Including unlimited mailboxes and email aliases.) Email me at for details. Or read about it online: Low-Cost Professional Web Server.


Storytelling Organizations

  • The National Storytelling Network. Contains a directory of storytellers, listings of storytelling organizations, information about the annual National Storytelling Conference, and much more.

    NSN now has Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in several areas, with more forming each year:

    • Storytelling in Organizations
    • The Healing Story Alliance
    • Youth Storytelling
    • Organizers of Storytelling Events
    • Storytelling in Higher Education

    Several of them offer email discussion groups, web sites, pre-conferences, newsletters, awards programs, and more. Check for the latest information!

  • The International Storytelling Center ( in Jonesborough, TN, hosts the annual National Storytelling Festival, the soon-to-open National Storytelling Center, and provides training and information in selected areas of storytelling: storytelling in business, healthcare, education, and communities/community organizing.
  • The LANES (League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling) website is located at: The information in the LANES website has recently been updated and expanded. Check it out.


Storytelling Links

The links page connects you to storytelling resources on the web, including:

  • The Storytelling Ring
    A linking ring of over 300 storytelling web sites
  • The Hasidic Stories Home Page. Includes Hasidic (Jewish mystical) stories, articles about them, resources, links, and more. Sign up for the Hasidic Messenger, which sends you a featured Hasidic story or article every month!



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